Jarvis Newman 30

The Legend Continues.

Nearly half a century since the first hull was launched, the name Jarvis Newman remains synonymous with beautiful Downeast yachts. Gorgeous as much for their sensual lines as they are for their rough weather performance, Jarvis Newman yachts are truly timeless. In this era of refinement and pragmatism, they are perhaps more relevant now than ever.

Jarvis Newman Yachts

A Modern Classic.

High tech 3D computer modeling. Lightweight, incredibly strong vacuum-bagged construction. Multi-directional, high-strength fiberglass laminates. UV and blister resistant resins. Advanced chemical adhesives. Honeycomb-cored interior joinery. Clean, quiet, common rail diesel engines. Electronic engine controls. All the comfort and convenience of home. A lot of changes have taken place since the first Jarvis Newman yacht was launched so many years ago. So... What hasn't changed?

The soul. The beauty. The commitment to quality. The practical approach to building one of the finest boats on the water. Today's Jarvis Newman yachts exhibit the very same qualities that earned their predecessors such fame. No matter how far technology takes us, the heart of a Jarvis Newman yacht will always remain the same.

Custom Built Yachts

Hand Built, Just for You.

Take your pick. There are five Jarvis Newman yacht models available, each readily customized to your exacting specifications:

Models: 30 32 36 38 46
LOA 30' 6" 32' 0" 36' 0" 38' 11" 46' 0"
LWL 29' 2" 30' 6" 33' 6" 37' 1" 43' 10"
BEAM 10' 8" 11' 0" 11' 0" 13' 5" 15' 0"
DRAFT 3' 4" 3' 6" 3' 6" 4' 5" 4' 6"
DISP* 10,500 14,000 16,200 22,000 30,000
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*Displacement is an estimate based upon the original design specifications

Already know which model will suit your needs? Great! Let's figure out your next step. Send us an email or give our Marblehead (Massachusetts) office a call at (781) 631- 0192 to discuss your options for getting started.

Not sure which boat will be the right fit? No problem! First, check out the downloadable info pages More info for each model (provided in the table above). These pages offer additional details and specs, and provide suggestions as to what size boat might work best for you. If that's not enough to narrow your selection, then be sure to get in touch with us directly. We've configured many different boats for many different people, and our knowledge base will help determine the perfect fit for your needs.

Jarvis Newman 46
Jarvis Newman

"I have built my reputation on time-proven Downeast hulls. Other builders have attempted to match our hulls' perform- ance. Some have come close, but nothing performs quite like a Jarvis Newman hull."

- Jarvis Newman

The Makings of a Downeast Classic

Jarvis Newman's thoughts turned to powerboats around the same time that fiberglass boatbuilding was gaining momentum. Inspired by the likes of Raymond Bunker and Ralph Ellis, builders of the renowned Bunker & Ellis lobster yachts, Newman saw promise in the future of fiberglass Downeast motorboats.

Newman commissioned noted Downeast yacht designer Royal Lowell to create a series of motor yachts for both commercial and recreational use. Fishermen and cruising enthusiasts alike lauded the yachts for their graceful lines, sound construction and sea kindly nature.

Newman reaped great success from his foray into building comp- osite Downeast powerboats. By the close of the 20th century, he had built a great many yachts, each of them uniquely crafted to suit his customers' needs... Each of them a little piece of the Jarvis Newman legend.

Chris Hood

"We're very proud to be carrying on the torch for the renowned Jarvis Newman lineage. His yachts have truly stood the test of time and never cease to meet the demands of the modern boater."

- Chris Hood
  CW Hood Yacht Yard

Find Out More...

For more information on Jarvis Newman yachts, there's no better resource than Chris Hood of CW Hood Yachts. Based out of the historic yachting community of Marblehead, Massachusetts, Hood and his crew design and build custom Downeast yachts.

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I have a hull... Now what? Looking for advice on how to finish out your yacht? We've got three options for you to choose from:

1Have us do it. Schedule permitting, we can finish the boat for you. Custom yacht finishing is, after all, our specialty. Contact our office to verify availability.

2Select a qualified builder. Choose a knowledgeable custom yacht builder to do the finish work for you. We suggest checking with Farrin Boat Shop, Pettegrow Boats, Wilbur Yachts or Zimmerman Marine for starters.

3Do it yourself. Feeling adventurous? If you've decided to finish the boat yourself, let us know. We'd be happy to provide advice on various aspects of the work involved.